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Khoon Hooi | W88 Casino Owner

W88 Casino Khoon Hooi

W88 Casino: Founder and designer of Khoon Hooi, director of Clothier Creation 

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W88 Casino: Khoon Hooi graduated from the Malaysian Institue of Art in 1993 and started his fashion journey as the assistant fashion designer for women's label Voir and department store Isetan. After taking home awards from fashion design competitions both locally and abroad, he launched his namesake label in 1999 under his company Clothier Creation. Known for his use of feathers and beaded embroidery in his clothing, Khoon Hooi's label is currently available in retail stores and niche boutiques worldwide.

W88 Casino: Malaysia International w88 casino malaysia Award, Mercedes-Benz Stylo w88 casino malaysia Forward Award, and the prestigious International Recognition at Bangkok International w88 casino malaysia Week.